Thursday, September 23, 2010

Dream a little dream...

The last couple nights I've had some of the strangest dreams.  And that means I've spent too much time editing and revising and not enough time creating. I've noticed this also happens when life gets in the way and I don't write anything new for about a week.

Normally I don't remember my dreams (if I have them) but when I haven't been writing/creating I have the most vivid, interesting dreams.  Dreams that hang on all day, nag at me and sometimes get jotted down in an idea file for later.

In fact, I've got three story ideas right now that came straight from dreams. 

So, what about you?  Do you remember your dreams?  Do you ever get ideas from them?  How can you tell if you haven't been writing/creating enough?

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Warrior Wisewoman #4

This is the 4th in an anthology series of science fiction stories that feature strong and remarkable women.

Editor Roby James says:
"I am looking for stories that shed light on the truth of what it means to be female, that illuminate the wisdom and the strength of a woman, but not in cliché 'goddess' stories. I love action and adventure, grand space opera, thrilling discovery, and intelligent protagonists. Make the story thoughtful, wise, and surprising. In addition, the stories in the anthology should appeal to genuine emotions, suspense, fear, sorrow, delight, wonder. The science can be part of the background and the characters foremost, or the science can be central to the story, as long as the characters are realistic and appealing. "
You can find more details HERE.   Deadline to submit is Jan.  15, 2011 so you have plenty of time.

Cave Dwellling

Yesterday evening my better half uttered some words of wisdom and the more I thought on them, the more I realized how much they applied to me lately.

Just minutes before, I'd hit the send button on an email submission.  My remark was to the effect I wasn't sure if I'd done something smart or stupid but it was a bit scary anyway.  That's when he said,  "You can't get discovered if you live in a cave."

As I writer I have to put myself and my writing out there if I want to be discovered.  And I do want that.  I want to see my novel on the bookstore shelves. I want people to discover my writing, read and love it.  But that won't happen if I don't suck it up and send it out there.  I have to come out of my cave/comfort zone.

But the more I thought about what he said, I realized it applied to me in more than one way.  Lately I've withdrawn into a cave, distanced myself from online friends, this blog, and even people I see on a regular basis.

So, I'm coming out of my cave.  I'm going to be writing and sending out more stories, working harder on the novel revisions and endeavoring to keep up the blog. 

Join me as I expand my comfort zone?