Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Ten Things Tuesday Randomness

I've been writing like crazy so don't have a proper Ten Things for you today. All you get is ten random things. 

First...  It appears my writing is fueled by chocolate. The last several days it's been Tootsie Roll midges.  And just who decided to call them midges?  I mean, really. Is that short for midgets? And not to be politically incorrect or rude but when did dwarves decide to call themselves "little people?" Did they not want to be associated with dwarves such as Gimli? Sorry...just a bit of randomness that came out. If I'd held it in, I might have exploded.

Next...Dance Moms and Toddlers & Tiaras.  What a mess. It's like a train wreck. You want to look away but can't. I'm so thankful my mom didn't do that to me.

And speaking of Television - I love The Closer. I hate that this summer will be the last season.  Better to end on a good note though than let the show go downhill to the point no one cares. I really appreciate the fact they let Brenda and Fritz get together.  Sure they have their issues at times, but most shows get rid of love interests.  For example...NCIS.  It was nice to see Tony happy but they had to go and kill that story line.

It's a fireplace screen. I was looking for something stained glass not long ago and found this. I think it'd make a great window. My better half used to play with stained glass. Maybe one day I'll get him started again and have him make something like this for me.

We like penguins at our house. I'm not sure why but it's my oldest daughter's fault.  Years ago we were on base (Barksdale AFB) in the BX after Christmas and all the leftover stuff was on sale. She bought two stuffed penguins.  One was about 2 feet tall, the other about half that size.  She decided they were mom and baby. Naturally they were named Mama P and Baby P. They went everywhere with us for a while. One time, I was talking to my Mom, planning a trip to her house and mentioned I'd have to bring the penguins. She wanted to know where we kept them, inside or out and did they make good pets. It's been about ten years now and we still have the penguins. They live on daughter's bed most of the time.

There are a LOT of Crepe Myrtles in bloom now. And they are really pretty. I really like the white ones but the red are nice too.  I've decided I want to get a red one and a white one, plant them in same pot then weave the branches together (over time) so that when it gets older and blooms, it'll be red and white mixed all together. I think that'd be very cool.

Like I said, I've been writing a lot lately.  For a couple days, I just basically stared at the screen and wrestled shoulder vultures but they've gone and now the words are flowing. Yesterday, I found myself choosing music to write by and deciding based on what  my character would like to listen to.  Anyone else ever forget they.... shhhhhhh......aren't real?

Was up late last night and early this morning. Today is trash day which is son and hubby's job. Most of the time anyway. Hubby came in kitchen and asked me where the trashbags were. I promptly got up and looked in the fridge for them. Naturally they weren't there. I'm not sure which is sadder...that he doesn't know where they are kept, or that I do know and still looked in the fridge.

I like having breakfast for dinner. We do this ever so often, especially on Wednesday nights after church.

 Did you know if you don't have a Kindle you can download the app to your computer or smart phone, right? My daughter told me last night she has 267 books on her Kindle Fire. I don't have a Kindle but I have the app on my computer. I do plan to get a Kindle soon. I love having so many books available. I mean, there is no way she could have that many books in her room and still live in there.

Which leads me to something not so random.  Today is the last day to get I Wish...for your Kindle or PC free. I'd really appreciate if you'd download, read then write a review for it. Here's the links.

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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

I Wish...

Wes Taylor has dreamed about living in the old west as long as he can remember. When he gets the chance to live his fantasy, will it live up to what's he's imagined and will the cost be worth what he gives up?

I Wish... is only on Kindle for . 99 or free to download through their Prime Membership Program. 

This story came about as a dare from my brother. Thanks bro...

Ten Careers I'd Like to Try...

Ten Careers I'd Like to Try...

Astronaut - I think outer space is so cool.  If I'd known then, what I know now, I'd definitely have given this a try.

Police Officer - This is one I'll try sooner or later.  My town has a civilian police academy and does ride-alongs. I'll be getting more info on this soon.

Rodeo Cowgirl - I love rodeos. The sounds, smells, (most smells, anyway) the whole atmosphere.  Not to mention cowboys. I gave barrel racing a try once. I loved it.  Horse, not so much. Then we got transferred to Guam and that took care of horsey stuff for a while.

Pilot - My dad had a small plane and I love flying.  I'd love to get my pilot's license and have my own plane to travel in. I don't think I'd want to do this for a job though.

 Veterinarian - This was one of my choices when I was younger.  Life happened and this didn't but I'm not sure I could deal with some of the things a vet has to handle.

Diver - I love swimming. When we were on Guam, we went snorkling often. Never got around to trying Scuba but maybe one of these days.

NASCAR Driver - I could so do this! I feel the need, the need for speed, often. I tease hubby that in a previous life I was a race car driver. He just gives me "that" look.  Sigh...

Wildlife Rehab - Working with wildlife would be interesting. Taking an animal that was sick or injured, caring for it and eventually either returning it back to the wild would be rewarding I think.

I'm stuck for 9 and 10.  Maybe y'all can offer some suggestions.  Add your Ten Things to the comments.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Mystery Monday - Found Guilty

Found Guilty

"Jerk!" I snapped my cell shut and tossed it into the passenger seat. I wanted to call him something else but decided to save that until the next time I saw him. He knew I'd had plans for tonight. I'd already refused to work late twice today.
I'd be seeing him soon too. Marshal Edwards didn't recognize the address but I did and something told me it was going to be a long night. Taking a deep breath, I steered toward the next driveway, looked both ways then pulled a u-turn and headed back to town.
It took me ten minutes to make the drive. Long enough to calm down and keep my job but not long enough to think about my ruined evening and get angry. Instead, I searched my brain for everything I knew about her honor, Margaret Richards.
Last week, I'd spent all Wednesday in her courtroom. She had been tough but fair. A little over the top and a tad pompous but what else could you expect when your every decision is applauded by fifty people. I still couldn't understand why anyone would want to spend all day in court if they didn't have to but heck, I'm just a cop so what do I know. It was obvious Judge Richards enjoyed the attention though. The way she played to her fans had me wondering if her secret desire was to be the next Judge Judy.
Judge Richards lived in the upscale part of town. Trick-or-treaters ran from house to house in fancy store bought costumes carrying plastic jack-o-lanterns, which reminded me of the party I'd be missing tonight. I vowed to make Edwards wish he'd called someone else by the time I was through with him.
The streetlights came on just as I turned off the main street. A wrought iron gate blocked the drive so I stopped at the speaker box and pushed the "call" button. Static was my only reply. I grabbed a ponytail holder from the ashtray and pulled my hair up then gave the button another jab. This time I got more static along with a barely understandable "May I help you?" It only took a couple seconds after I said police officer and the gate was swinging inward. I put my jeep in gear and proceeded down the blacktop.
Azaleas lined both sides of the drive and circled the tall pines that hid the house from those passing on the main road. An older woman waited on the porch fidgeting with the buttons that lined the front of her uniform. She hurried down the steps as I parked by a bed of dying tulips. She rattled off a string of Spanish mixed with English. All I managed to catch Richards, dead and blood. I calmed her as much as I could and learned her name was Maria, that she had called in the report and that Judge Richards wouldn't be holding court again. I grabbed my cell and kit then followed Maria past the dolphin fountain and toward the steps. At the door, she wiped her feet on the sisal mat and waited until I did the same. We made our way inside and down the hall.
"I have day off. Senora Richards, she insist I be here before dark, so alarm be on." Maria stopped before a closed door and turned to me. "When I return, I look for Senora and find this." She opened the door and stepped aside.
I took a deep breath and looked into the room. Judge Richards knelt before a judge's bench, her head resting in a pool of blood. At the bench, a large teddy bear held a gavel in its paw. I looked back at Maria. "She has a courtroom in her house?"
"Si'. Before Senora Richards become judge, she practices her talk to jury. She say it help to see holes." Maria shrugged. "But it never like this, with the dolls."
This was going to be a press nightmare so I dialed Marshal Edwards. His number was busy so I ended the call. He needed to be here, but for now, I could get the pictures taken. After pulling on a pair of rubber gloves, I grabbed my camera and stepped into the room. Might as well start with the body. I slowly walked around the judge's body and gave it a once over. Someone had made sure there would be no appeal. The back of Judge Richards' head spattered the floor and the two tables behind her. My stomach protested as I gathered up blood samples and brain matter making me glad I'd skipped lunch.
My cell rang just as I finished up with the Judge. Before I could say anything, I heard an angry "Where are you?" I tried to apologize for not calling to let him know I had to work late after all but he wasn't impressed and hung up on me about halfway through. We had a rocky relationship and this didn't help. I almost called him back but decided to let him cool down and gave the marshal another call instead. This time it rang but went to his voicemail so I left a message for him to call ASAP, that we had a serious situation here. I closed my eyes, counted to ten and got back to work. After studying the blood spatter pattern, I strolled to the back wall and looked for the slug. It only took a minute to find it buried in the wood paneling. I dug the slug out then did the bag and tag thing.
To my right, a jury box took up most of the wall. In each chair sat a doll. I snapped pictures of each one. Chinese, Native American, Japanese, Mexican, she had a whole collection of them, all in native costume. The doll in the number one chair wore a hooded parka and fuzzy boots. Eskimo, I figured. It also held part of a sheet of paper in its hand. I took several pictures then removed the note and read it. We the jury find the defendant, Margaret Richards guilty on all charges. Not quite a jury of her peers. I shuddered, bagged the note, labeled, and set it aside.
I sighed and punched in the marshal's number. Again, it ended up going to voicemail. I left a message that wouldn't get me fired then called dispatch. Jerry answered. Nice guy for the most part though his eyes tended to wander when he thought I wasn't looking. I updated him on the situation, requested a coroner, asked that he contact Marshal Edwards and send him this way.
That left the bench with the bear, a soldier doll standing nearby, and the witness stand. No witness occupied the stand so I snapped a picture, dusted for prints and moved to the bench.
A large brown teddy bear that had seen better days sat in the chair. A rubber band fastened a gavel to its right paw. Its other paw held a red plush heart with "I love you" embroidered across it. I wondered if the heart was symbolic but hadn't a clue. I dusted for prints and came up empty. Standing to the left of the judge's bench stood a tall soldier doll. I guessed he represented a bailiff. This doll also held a note.
My cell rang. About time Edwards answered my call. I flipped the phone open and answered. Jerry sounded worried as he told me he couldn't get in contact with the marshal. He even quoted rule number three at me. Never be unreachable. I took a deep breath. "He's probably at a party and can't hear his cell. Just keep calling and I'll finish up here."
Jerry didn't sound convinced but agreed to keep trying. I told him I'd let him know soon as I finished with the crime scene or if I heard anything from Marshal Edwards.
A knock on the door startled me. Doc Sam stood at the door, gurney behind him and a funny look on his face. He'd retired from his medical practice years ago but said he still needed something to occupy his time other than fishing and hunting. I sighed and told him to come on in. By this time tomorrow, everyone in town would know about Judge Richards' in-house courtroom. Not that it was really Doc's fault but he'd tell his wife and she'd tell everyone else.
Doc and I wrapped the body in a sheet of plastic and loaded it on the gurney. He fastened the straps across the body, said thanks for the help and wheeled Judge Richards away. Maria stood in the doorway muttering to herself in Spanish. She made the sign of the cross as she watched Doc make his way down the hall, then turned to me.
"Must I stay?" She gazed around the room then shuddered.
"Of course not. In fact, it'd be better if you left." I watched her sigh in relief.
"I be gone in five minutes. I leave key on table by front door so you lock up." Maria hurried down out of sight, her shoes echoing down the hall.
Couple minutes later, she hurried past the door, paused long enough to say goodbye and then continued on. The front door closed with a click and I was left alone.
Giving the soldier another look, I circled him taking pictures then carefully removed the paper from its hand. I placed it face up on the floor and took several pictures. Today's date had been handwritten in the right corner of a docket sheet. On the first line, as case number one someone had filled in Judge Margaret Richards. A red line marked through her name. I read the next name and sucked in a deep breath. Marshal Bryan Edwards.

Mystery Monday

I thought we'd do something a bit different today. So, today is Mystery Monday. In the next post, you'll find the start of a short story. it was a Halloween prompt I did for something. Every other Monday I'll post the next bit of the story. 

I don't know how this one ends so we'll find out together.

Tomorrow is Ten Things Tuesday!  Here's the Ten Things prompt..

Ten Careers I'd Like to Try...

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Ten Foods I Love...

Ten Foods I Love...

In no certain order...

Cake...chocolate, red velvet, devil's food, it doesn't matter. Ohhhh...I just remembered Tres Leche cake. (Swoon.)

Homemade Sour Dough Rolls - my grandmother used to make the best rolls. She kept starter in the fridge. These were so good, we'd almost fight over 'em when they came out of oven.

Chicken and Dumplings - in the winter...YUM! Mom makes excellent Chicken and Dumplings.  I make 'em even better. :-)

Chocolate Chip Cookies - right from the oven while the chocolate is still melty.

Barbeque - Chicken, brisket, ribs, burgers...doesn't matter. And yes, you have to lick your fingers.

Corn on the Cob - fresh from the field, hot with lots of melting butter and sea salt.

Texas Baked Potatoes - baked in fire pit all day, then add lots of butter, cheese, chopped brisket...and whatever else you want.Even a little barbeque sauce.

Chocolate anything - Cake, pie, cookies, candy, ice cream. It's all good.  Milk chocolate, dark chocolate, mint chocolate. There's no such thing as too much chocolate. :-)

Granny Smith Apples - Yes, I know it's green but so are some m&ms. Cold and tart, these are great on a hot summer day.

Nutella - I'm not sure this qualifies as a food but it sure is good.  Chocolate and hazelnut.  I love this on whole grain toast.

What about you?  What are some of your favorite foods? 

Monday, June 11, 2012

Monday Madness

Yeap, that's about how I'm feeling right now.  The weekend passed way too quick, this week is not going to be near long enough to get all the things accomplished I need to do and I think it's going to get even busier.

My "to do" list has about 900 things on it and all think they need to be done "NOW" including the things that aren't due until next week.  Sigh...

At least I'm not bored. Frazzled maybe, but not bored.

So, how's your week looking? Gonna be busy? 

Ten Things Tuesday Prompt - Ten Foods I Love...

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Let's talk dogs...

I'm a dog person.  No, really I am. I'm just surrounded by cats. And I do like 'em for the most part but there is nothing like a dog that loves you.

IMG_20120404_134206.jpgThis is Doofus.  He once had a real name but I don't remember it now. And I don't remember who started calling him Doofus but gee, he's such a doofus so it stuck and became his name.  He's just a big, loveable Doofus. 

Have you ever noticed how any authors have their pictures made with their dogs?  And how often those pictures are Golden Retrievers? Not to mention how often Goldens turn up in stories.  Dean Koontz is one I think of immediately.

Now this is Yuri.  IMG_20120607_084729.jpg I forget exactly what his registered name was but he was something else. We lost him to Cardio years ago and I've not had a Dobermann since him but my next dog will be another Dobermann. And yes, the second "n" is proper.  It got dropped when the breed was Americanized.

I've always loved Dobermanns. Or at least as long as I can remember. Anyone remember the 1973 movie Trapped?  James Brolin stars as a guy who gets mugged and left in a huge department store after it has closed.  Thing is, he isn't alone.  There's a pack of Dobermann guard dogs serious about their job. 

I think my favorite Dobermann movie has to be The Doberman Gang.  In this one, some genius gets the idea to train a pack of Dobermanns to rob a bank. Naturally, they name the dogs after famous gangsters.  Baby Face Nelson, Dillinger, Ma Barker, Pretty Boy Floyd, Bonnie and Clyde.  Love this movie!

Like I said, my next dog will be another Dobermann. :-)

What about you? Dog or cat person? What's your favorite breed?

And, do you like author pictures taken with their dogs? Just curious since I need to get one done soon. :-)

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Ten People I'd Like to Meet...

Ten People I'd Like to Meet...(living and/or dead)...

Karl Friedrich Louis Dobermann - He's the guy who developed the Dobermann Pincher.

Edgar Allen Poe - I really like the way he tells a scary story.

John Newton - He was once a slave trader and slave himself. Wrote the hymn Amazing Grace.

Fanny J. Crosby - She wrote a lot of hymns I enjoy singing too.

Eleanor Roosevelt - A wise woman.

Amelia Earhart - I like her spirit of adventure.

Chuck Norris - I'm not sure why, just I'd like to meet him.

Barbara Bush - I always admired her common sense. Would love to sit and chat with her and Eleanor together.

John Wayne - Again, not sure but I'd like to meet him.

Herman Melville - I've tried many times to read Moby Dick and just can't.  I want to ask him just what he was thinking when he wrote that. :-)

What about you?  Who would you like to meet?  Share in the comments or share on your blog and leave a link for us in the comments.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Where The Heart Is

Eight years ago Samantha James left the small town she called home to get control of her life. Returning for her sister's funeral and to the people she'd left behind especially Marcus, terrified her. Will she hold on to her control now that circumstances threaten to change everything?

Marcus Keller never lost his love for Samantha. Now she's  home. Can he win her back and just what is he going to do about the mayor's granddaughter?

I'm really excited to announce the arrival of my contemporary romance serial, Where The Heart Is. Episode One will be available tomorrow.  I'll post a link soon as I have it. 

And lest we forget, tomorrow is also Ten Things Tuesday.  Here's your Ten Things prompt. Post your Ten Things on your blog, leave a link in the comment section or just share your Ten Things in the comments for the rest of us.

Ten people (living or dead) I'd like to meet are...

 UPDATE! It's live and ready to go to your Kindle. Here's the link. Where the Heart is

Friday, June 1, 2012

Fab Friday

Yeap, it's Friday.  We've made it through another week.  Right now it really doesn't matter what day of the week it is.  Hubby is working like crazy. He's had 3 days off since Easter and has to work again this Saturday and then for a couple hours on Sunday.  And while I miss him, I do like the overtime pay.  Last week, he had 76 hours. Poor guy, days are running together for him.  He doesn't know what day of the week it is most times. :-)

So, what will you be doing this weekend? Me, I'll be writing and editing. I'm working on a couple things.  One, I'll announce Monday so be sure to stop back by.  The other, well, that the novel.  My deadline to publisher is the 19th so needless to say, I'll be spending a lot of time with it.

I'll be visiting Walmart, I'm sure. Seems a weekend isn't complete without at least one trip there. The girls and I may go to Mom's and crash the pool. Now that oldest has a good report on knee, some water exercise would be good for it.

Share your weekend plans and give me some ideas for when hubby isn't working. :-)  Happy Friday!