Monday, October 1, 2018

Book Appreciation Month

I love books! Books have taken me to some of the most amazing places. Books have let me take part in so many adventures and live lives totally different than mine. Books have entertained, educated, challenged my thinking, and sometimes just let me escape from reality for a while.

Books have also gotten me in trouble. Like the time I in 5th grade. I had a book hidden in my textbook and got so involved in the story I didn't hear my name being called by the teacher. Not good. :-)  And of course, there were the many nights Mom found me reading with a flashlight under the covers.

As an author, I have a love/hate relationship with books. Unless the story is awesome, I tend to see typos, logic errors, and such. It's one of the issues with being an editor too. It's hard to read for least for me. I tend to look at the writing more than the story sometimes.

That said, I just read an amazing historical novel. And honestly, I don't like historical fiction. But I loved this one.  It was for an edit so isn't available yet but you can find the first in the series (I loved it too.) and get ready for the one coming soon. I'll add a link so you can just click over. If Amazon says this isn't available, you can get it from the publisher's website.

On a side note,  I've decided to start blogging here again. I'll be featuring authors, books, publishers, editors, along anything else dealing with books and writing.  If you would like to be featured, let me know.  It's been a while since this blog was active though I've still been getting visitors on a regular basis. Check out the archives for some great reading suggestions.

Also...comment on a post during the month and you'll be entered to win a book. I'm not sure which one but it will be a good one.