Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day

Here's something I did a while back as a "different" take on romance.  Hope y'all enjoy!

Zombie Hearts

    Henry stood before the open fridge and gazed from side to side.  Chinese or Mexican, which would Freda prefer?  His left ear fell off, bounced across the linoleum.  "Holy Moldy Oldie!"  He shambled across the kitchen, picked up his ear, and jammed it back in place.  "Mexican, I believe."  Henry grabbed two ziplock bags and placed them on the counter.  "Now, what to drink?"  He scanned the shelf of bottles, picked one from the end.  "This will be perfect."  Placed it on the counter next to the bags.  Storage dishes of delicacies  joined the bottle and bags, and soon ended up on the dining table along with his finest china and crystal.
    The living room clock chimed seven as Henry lit the candelabra.  He stood back and gave the dining table one last look. Perfect, just perfect.  Mexican, served a la  skull and  aged to its peak, Freda's favorite salad of fingers and toes with extra spicy salsa ,  liver pate' served with fried noses for dipping,  and candied lips for dessert.   Henry gazed at his watch, she'd be there any moment.  He patted the nearest head, smoothed down the hair.  Nodding to himself, his left ear dropped off, hit the edge of the table and bounced into the liver pate'.  Henry sighed and fished out his ear.
    The doorbell rang announcing Freda's arrival. He grinned , licked the pate' off his ear, and jammed it back in place again.  He'd have to call doc in the morning, see about getting it reattached.  Henry hurried to the door and swung it open.  "Freda!  You look wonderful."  Almost good enough to eat.  Not quite, but almost.  She stepped through the door, handed him the small box she carried.
    "I hope you don't mind.  I know how much you love kidney pie and when I saw they had fresh ones at Jasper's, I just had to get one for you."
    Henry opened the box, took a deep breath.  His stomach rumbled and Freda laughed.  He leaned in, gave her a kiss on the cheek.   "Thank you.  Now, come to the table, dinner is ready."  Freda strolled across the room, Henry following.  He set the pie on the counter and met her at the table.
    "It looks delicious!"  Freda smiled up at him as he pulled out her chair.
    "I've got a special surprise for tonight."  He uncovered the ice bucket, pulled out the bottle, and popped the cork.  "I think you'll really like this." He filled the champagne flute,  held it out to her.
    Freda took the flute, swirled its contents then sniffed.  She took a small sip and grinned.  "AB Negative!  My favorite."  Freda took another sip.  "It's perfect."
    "That's not all.  Open your skull."  He watched her eyes as she pulled the skull open by the hair,  saw her joyous expression when she gazed upon the  diamond ring nestled between the brain hemispheres.  He knelt on one knee beside her.  "Will you marry me?"

Monday, February 13, 2012

Read & Win

Here's something for all you paranormal romance readers.  Win a Kindle Fire or iPad from a friend of mine. Evelyn is a critique partner and if you like paranormal, then you'll love these.  Check out the link above for details. And for those of you wondering, yes, that is a real guy on the cover, and no, he's not airbrushed.