Monday, March 8, 2010

The Next Step...

Sooner or later there comes a time in every writer's life when they have to send something out.  At least if they want to be published they do. 

It's not the easiest thing to do either.  We risk rejection to start with and even when we are successful and become published, there is always someone ready to let us know just how much they didn't like our work.  Someone once mentioned writers need skin like a rhino to get along in the publishing business and sometimes I tend to agree.

Today on Facebook, a writer commented about receiving a rejection letter, that it still stung and wondered if it was all worth it.  And while I feel for her, it's just part of the business.

So, today I encourage you to send something out.  Whether it's that short story you've been holding on to or a query letter for your novel or an article, go for it.  Take the next step.

Just remember to look where you're other words, do your research.:-)

Oh...I get to brag too.   One of my 'practice, just for fun' pieces is up at Abandoned Towers Magazine.  You can stop by and read it HERE.


Jaleta Clegg said...

Does sending out signed contracts count?

I don't have anything else ready for submission right now, but I did submit a story for an anthology last month.

Thanks for the encouragement. I think all of us writers need to hear that it's worth the pain.

kathy stemke said...

Another good post, Jean. Now I just need a stamp.

Cheryl said...

Great news on the Abandoned Towers piece. It was neat.

Sorry, nothing ready to submit, but I am getting closer. I just need to stop working on tours first.


Sandra said...

I submitted to Abandoned Towers last week. :-)

I've nothing else ready to go at this time, but should soon.