Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Yesterday I mentioned we'd moved the end of November, first part of December.  We still aren't unpacked and each time I wind my way through the boxes stacked in our garage I wonder if we ever will be.  I also wonder just where all the stuff came from.

Course, some stuff in the garage was in the small storage building.  Some of it is furniture we had room for in the other house that we don't here.  Like my desk.  I've had my desk for over twenty years.  It's huge and weighs about 900 pounds - or seems to when trying to move it.  It's wooden, 6' x 3' with a 3' x 2' attachment that forms an L shape.  There are drawers for lots of "stuff" and plenty of room to spread out.   Problem is, it just won't fit in this new house.

So, I'm trying to find a new place to write.  One that feels right.  And so far, it's not working.  Thankfully I have a laptop so I can try different places.  Right now, I'm sitting on our bed and the words are beginning to loosen up.

My question to you...  Do you have a favorite writing spot?  Can you just write anywhere, anytime?


Indigo said...

During first drafts I can write almost anywhere, as long as I have a view of the woods outside my window.

Revisions I tend to write at my dining room table. I love 7' ft long farmstead table there. Makes it easy to spread notes and folders out in abundance. I swear if I ever get an office, that table is going in there and I'll get a new dining table. (Hugs)Indigo

Rosey Moose said...

I write at my computer desk mostly because I'm typing it out on the comp. All my notes, files, etc. are located on the comp or a disk that I save them to so it just makes sense.

Sandra said...

I usually write at my desk - which doesn't really fit me well, sad to say. I bought it from an art gallery I worked for at one time and it used to seem to fit me, but now it doesn't. I think I've started shrinking, LOL.

I used to have it in our living room, but it really didn't work well in there. I now have it in a room that was my daughter's room when she was home. Problem is, I don't like the paint color. So, eventually, I either need to modify my desk so it's more comfortable or get a different desk and I need to repaint.