Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Ten Things I'm Thankful For

Time for another installment of Ten Things Tuesday! Here's ten things I'm thankful for. In no certain order of importance.

1. My hubby - There's so many reasons to be thankful...he works hard so I can stay home and write, he supports me in whatever crazy thing I'm doing, and is always there for me or the kids.

2. My kids -  I've got great kids, even if they aren't really kids any longer. They are smart, caring, giving, responsible and I'm so proud of each of them.

3. My church - I don't normally post anything of religious nature here but I'm very thankful for my church and church family.

4. Friends - There are several special friends who mean a lot to me. One who I've known for many years, that went through some hard times with me and one who is a new friend I'm looking forward to getting to know better.

5. Music - I love music.  All kinds...except hip hop and rap. Country, rock, blues, classical, gothic...I even like the occasional techno thing.

6. Mom - I left home for the Air Force when I was seventeen. And until about nine months ago, I haven't been home with mom, except for the occasional visit. In March of this year, we moved her to Longview with us.  Now, I get to see her several times a week.  It's fun reconnecting.

7. Purring Cats - I love a purring cat. Baggins thinks he needs to sleep right under my chin or be held. It's a good thing he purrs or he'd be out of luck.

8. Great Books - I'm thankful for books that let me escape 'reality' for just a bit and get away from what's going on in the real world.

9. Chocolate - especially Nutella on whole grain toast. YUM!!!  Chocolate chip cookies, hot cocoa, chocolate ice cream.  There's no such thing as too much chocolate.

10. Heroes - I'm thankful for the men and women who serve in Police and Fire departments and the military risking their lives for strangers and those who don't appreciate the sacrifice. For those who rush in to save a stranger without thinking of the cost.

And a bonus...

11.  Puppies - I love puppies...all kinds. But especially for Dobermann puppies which I'll be acquiring some time next year, early summer I hope.  I've got my name on a list with a breeder.  Can hardly wait!

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