Tuesday, August 9, 2016

King Tut & the Plagues of Egypt by Douglas Derrer

The mysterious death of King Tut eluded archeologists for centuries until the Plancks, a time-traveling family from the 25th Century, flew four millennia into the past to 18th Dynasty Egypt to investigate. Encountering a vast volcanic eruption upon their arrival plunged them into the Ten Plagues of Egypt and the Exodus as two co-regent Pharaohs, Tut’s father and grandfather, battled over the fates of their Hebrew slaves. Will they make it back to their century alive, and without bringing some deadly disease that has been eradicated for centuries?

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Returning to the reign of King Tut in 18th Dynasty Egypt, the 25th Century, time-traveling Planck family discover that sinister palace intrigues surround the young pharaoh and his lovely queen. Although unable to prevent Tut’s eventual death, they learn its mysterious cause. But can they forestall the fate of the queen by unscrupulous plotters? Finally, the Planck’s travel to the Valley of the Kings in the 1920s to oversee archeologist Howard Carter’s discovery and opening of Tut’s fabulously wealthy tomb. Can they prevent Carter from destroying the invaluable mummy?

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