Monday, January 25, 2010

Cool Stuff

Wordle - Very cool way to spend some time. The above is a Wordle I did from a short story.  You just enter the text, play with the options some and there you go.  One writer also uses it for idea generation.  She puts in poems and such and looks for interesting word combinations.
AutoCrit - I love this.  Sign up for their free revising course by email and at the end, they'll send you a code for a discount off the price.  Give the free version a try.  Last time I checked, you could imput up to 800 words and run them up to 5 times a day.  It checks for repeated words and phrases and sentence length in the free version. 

Book Trailer Workshop - learn how to make book trailers and videos.  This is a free workshop.  I don't know much about it but I plan to check it out.

Jubilee Jambalaya Writer's Conference - Got this in the mail Friday.  If you're near Houma Louisiana on April 10th, then you might want to check this out.  I've been there twice and it's a very nice conference.  This year they have a St. Martin's editor, a publicist and an agent.  This is a really reasonable conference and well put together.

No Energy Vampires Allowed - I've got to find the book mentioned and read it but this article gives some really nice tips on maintaining positive energy in your life.

Glass Woman Writer's Contest - Don't forget this women writer only contest.  Deadline is Mar. 21.

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