Monday, January 18, 2010

Writing & Cats

I know cats aren't what you usually think of when it comes to writing but have you ever paid attention to cats? I mean they're aloof, independent and sometimes demanding. They don't come when called, unless they want something you have. Generally it's not worth the trouble to train them and they tend to scratch and bite when annoyed. Other times, they are loving and wonderful to be around.

Writing is like that too. Most of the time we get stories that demand to be written. They bounce around and let you think of nothing else until you set down and put them on paper. But other days the story is aloof and won't act like you think it should. The more you work at it the less it cooperates.

Then you have days when the story just flows from your fingers onto the page. Like a cat rubbing on your leg and purring, (I just love a purring cat!!!) your story's dialogue sounds natural, the transitions flow from one scene to another without being noticed all is right in the world.

Today, my story is a cranky cat. It's laying there on the window ledge sunning itself, twitching it's tale, daring me to disturb it.

I've had my chocolate, gathered my courage and opened the document. Hopefully, I won't get bitten:--)

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