Thursday, February 25, 2010


Wednesday in chat several of us were talking about how sometimes the hardest part of writing was the showing up and putting backside in chair.  Seems like there's always 900 other things that need to be done or we're not in the mood or well, you know.  There's plenty of things we can blame for not getting the writing done.

But, in the words of Louis L'Amour, "If you wait for inspiration, you're not a writer, but a waiter."  I don't know about you, but "I'm a writer." sounds a LOT better than "I'm a waiter." 

And speaking of being a writer, how many of you actually tell people that you're a writer when they ask what you do?  It was really difficult the first few times, especially before I had anything published because the next question is "What have you had published?" or some form thereof.

So here's today's challenge.  Don't wait for inspiration.  Get the backside in the chair and write.  Also, if you are writing, you're a writer so the next time someone asks, proudly tell them you are indeed a writer.

Happy writing!


Wolf Althuis said...

I am so guilty of that waiting lately. Guess it's time for me to get back writing... but maybe I'll wait till later. ;-)

V.R. Leavitt said...

Just what the doctor ordered. Great post. It is hard to tell people you're a writer, but there's no better way (besides writing) to make it real than to spread the word. :-)

Cheryl said...

I got some words done on the WIP yesterday and want to finish the chapter this weekend.

No waiting for me right now.

As for telling people I'm a writer, I'm not ashamed to say it, but sometimes I don't know if they really want to hear about it.


chris weigand said...

So true and so empowering. Thank you for those words. It's time to quit procrastinating and get to the writing Thanks again

Sarah said...

I'm so guilty of this!! Thinking the ideas aren't developed enough to write had me waiting months to write...once I took the plunge I became unstoppable!! Time for me to do that now!! No more waiting!

Garry M. Graves said...

...I'm thinking of creating a blog whereby writers subscribe to my weekly 'scolding' I love to scold! The writer receives my timely scolding about not doing what their suppose to do...I attach 'deadlines' and remind them of what other writers have done to get past difficult times, etc...
I can see this as a great asset for writers...besides 'I love to scold.'
Any subscribers? (Vr know's me).

Nicole said...

I believe the only way to really make it is to write 6 days a week. Make it part of your daily routine and on that 7th day you will miss it like crazy. Also set goals, they really drive you on those I-don't-feel-like-it days. Oh and caffeine, lot's of it. My favorite is Starbucks Frappacciono's.

Jean said...

Garry, what a cool idea. I often need that scolding. You'll have to stop back by and let us know how it's going.

Nicole, I find myself writing something just about everyday of the week...even if it's just a blog post. And when I'm not writing, I think about it, ponder plot lines and pre-write lines in my head.

And while I don't do coffee in any form or fashion, I'm a great believer in chocolate. Especially as a reward.

And yes, time to get back to serious writing.

Jean said...
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Jean said...
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