Friday, February 19, 2010

Saturday Markets

Here's a couple new markets for short stories and anthologies.  Some are genre specific so be sure to check the guidelines. 

Short Story Me  - This is a nifty site, they email you short stories.  Guideline say they "like hard genre fiction. That means crime, detective, fantasy, horror, mystery and science fiction."  They "don't publish romance, cozies, children's, poetry, erotica, polemics or non-fiction."

Every Day Fiction - Here's another site where the story comes to your email. They like them under 1,000. 

Distant Realms - For novella length (20-30k) fantasy.  Deadline is March. 31st.

Pine Tree Mysteries - From cozy to hardboiled, they take it all.  This isn't a paying market but hope to be one day.

Whortleberry Press - These guys have several anthologies in the works.  There's one for mysteries, Halloween and Christmas listed now. Be sure to check the guidelines.


Jeffrey Beesler said...

These are some really good links you keep posting every Saturday! Thank you!

Jean said...

Welcome. Glad you are enjoying them.

I so want to do a zombie halloween story for that anthology but I don't think they'd like it.:-) Gonna have to find someplace else for it.

Jean said...
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