Sunday, June 13, 2010


One afternoon while I was in New Orleans, they  held a "street stroll."  It was a food and wine tasting thing which you had to pay to take part in but the strolling was free. 

When I saw this guy, I just had to get a picture.  Yeah, that's a real guy.  His ladder is not leaning against anything and he's perfectly balanced on it.  The 2 by 4 on his shoulder is also perfectly balanced.  I watched him for a few minutes and he never moved a muscle. 

We went on to eat and when we strolled by almost 2 hours later he was still standing there.   Talk about being balanced!

Writing needs balance too.  We have to balance narrative and dialogue.  Exposition and description.  Back story and action.  Character and plot.  Writing and marketing along with so many other things.

Then we have to balance our writing with our "real" life.  Many of us have day jobs we write around.  We have families and responsibilities to deal with when we'd often rather be writing.

While I don't have any words of wisdom to impart, I encourage you to ponder the balance in your writing.

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