Monday, February 21, 2011

Monday Goals...

Good morning all!  It's the start of another week here and it should be a good one.  And it's time to do a little planning so things get accomplished.  So,  what's on the agenda this week?

What projects do you have that need to be finished?  Got any ideas waiting to be started?  Are you setting any word count goals for this week?

I've got 900 things to do as usual but I'm focusing on just a couple.  The Long Ridge column of course and I'm hoping to get that "snowman" prompt figured out and written.  Tuesday night I plan to attend a new writer's group meeting and I'm looking forward to that.  Then, Wednesday night I'll get to attend my critque group meeting.  The last two times I've tried to go, we'd had to cancel cause of the weather. better half suggested a new project last night that's got my interest.  It's needs a lot more pondering so I'm letting it simmer a bit.

Now, share your upcoming week with us...and let us know how you did last week.

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