Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Social Networking

Not so long ago all a writer was responsible for was the writing.  Now, we must take a bigger role in the promotion part of being a writer.  And while I'm no expert, I've found some great links and websites from folks who are.  So today, it's another link fest.

First, Kristen Lamb's WarriorWriters blog.  I love the "Twitter Tuesday" posts.  I'm actually planning on starting at the beginning and reading through all the posts. Kristen is the author of "We Are Not Alone: The Writer's Guide to Social Media" which is on order.  Hopefully it'll be here soon.  I've heard very good things about this book. 

Get a free Book Marketing Tips e-book from The Savvy Book Marketer.   Here's a blog post with Ten Twitter Tips for book promotion.  And another on running a Twitter Contest.

Need a FaceBook Fan page?  Then check out this step by step "how to" article.  This is something I've got to do.  *sigh*

And while I don't believe anyone other than the books author should ever do the querying (I think you'll find most agents/editors believe this too.), the folks over at Novel Publicity have some good promotion tips.

Since this post is all about promotion, how about leaving your twitter or facebook info in the comments. 


Emlyn Chand said...

Thanks for the shout-out, Jean. Novel Publicity is still just a baby (officially born yesterday), so you can imagine my delight when I see we are already being talked about online!

Troll on,

Gay said...

Gotta check out that free Marketing Tips book.
Do you know about: 1001 Ways to Market Your Books by John Kremer? It's outdated in regard to Social Networking but still has lots of good stuff.

Evelyn M. Byrne said...

Thanks. We can use all the help we can get.