Monday, May 9, 2011


Okay, confession time.  I like Twitter.  I don't tweet often but I follow some really great people who share lots of great links, info and just general chat.

I've made several friends on Twitter and connected with other writers from all over the world.

I've gotten to know several agents, editors and publishers via Twitter. 

And sure, there's often a bit of frivolous tweeting but sometimes frivolous is good.

So, today's question...Do you "Twitter" and if so, who do you follow that the rest of us should follow?

I'd recommend @KristenLambTX, @jamesscottbell, @WritersDigest, @Janet_Reid, @AdviceToWriters just to start with.

Oh, me too, of course.  @JeanLauzier


Auto Title Loans said...

I actually do "Tweet." But I don't use it for the purposes that most do. It's an interesting forum to constantly be in the now when it comes to trends and news. But, I do think that sometimes it lacks a little professionalism because it's such a relaxed forum.

Kim said...

I Tweet - it is a way to promo my web writing as well as promo (retweet) the writing of other writers I have met. Not a perfect system, but surely an interesting one!

Car Title Loans said...

I have a Twitter account, but I never use it. When I got it, I had the idea of following people that make me laugh, that I find interesting and that I could connect with. While the intentions are still there, my executions are a little off. I do like the purpose; and what's social media without a little frivolous debate anyway?


Anonymous said...

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M Pax said...

I love twitter. I've dropped FB in favor of Twitter. I meet some great folks on it.