Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Ten Things I Believe...

I've been writing like crazy, reading research for project and 900 other things so this post is getting a late start.  But, better late than never. Or so they say...  And just who is "they" by the way?

Ten Things I Believe... (In no special order)

 Wild animals should not be kept as pets - They are wild. Even those raised in captivity are still wild deep down inside, You can't breed out instincts. Leave the lions, tigers, bears, wolves and other wild animals in the wild.

Dragons - I believe at one time, there were dragons on the earth. No, I don't believe they required virgin sacrifices. Maybe they did hoard gold and other sparkly things...heck, Ravens do, why not a dragon. I believe dragons were basically flying dinosaurs and are extinct now. My son has a good theory on why we haven't found their bones...they were hollow. Had to be really light to be able to fly.  Anyway...I believe in dragons.

Family is so very important.  When your friends let you down, family should always be there for you.  I know it's not always that way but honestly, when you come right down to it, family is always gonna be family.

Good Friends are few and far between. - We make "friends" so easily these days. And many we call friends, we don't even know. I mean, I have several hundred "friends" on Facebook and have no clue who most of them are. Sometimes do make a real friend. And those are special and should be treasured.

Chocolate - There's no such thing as too much chocolate. There's no wrong occasion for chocolate either. 

Kids need to earn their own way - sure we spoil 'em but they have to learn to be responsible adults and they can't do that if they are given everything they ever thought about wanting. They need to learn there are consequences for each action, that no means no, and that life isn't fair.

 Thunderstorms are awesome. I love a good thunderstorm. The amount of power involved is just totally amazing. I love watching the lightning, feeling the wind, listening to the rain, especially on a metal roof.

There are way too many reality shows on tv. I mean, way too many. Thing is...these aren't reality. Soon as you stick a camera in there, people change. Now, I'll admit I used to watch Survivor and still occasionally watch Deadliest Catch. Hubby likes the Storage War shows...which not long ago, we  met the auctioneer of the Storage Wars Texas. He's a local guy, really nice, invited hubby and I out with him and his family. We passed but got picture taken with him. :-)

Life is too short to hold grudges. Besides the fact that you make yourself miserable, the person you have the grudge against usually doesn't care or doesn't even know.

I believe our police officers, military and fire fighters are under valued. We take them for granted, wanting them to be there when we need them but not the rest of the time.

What about you? What are some things you believe?

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