Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Ten Things Tuesday... On My "Desk"

We had to move last December and the place we are now doesn't really have room for my desk. I have a HUGE desk.  It's 6'x3' and has an "L" attachment that's another 3'x2'. It's huge, weights a ton, made of real wood. Right now, it's in my garage. I miss my desk.  A LOT.

So, right now, I'm using the kitchen table as a temporary desk. When we have company over, I have to clean all my desk type stuff off, move it in the other room then bring it back later.  It's not the greatest situation but I'm dealing with it and planning on getting an office for me and my desk soon.

But for now...I'll be here. And since I'm here, I thought I'd share Ten Things on my "desk."

Cans of cat food. I have the pickiest eaters. They drive me nuts about what they will and won't eat.

Aussie leave in conditioner. My daughter left it here.

Bag of powder sugar mini donuts. Leftover from Sunday night fellowship.

Texas Ranger baseball Pez dispenser. - Rangers fan, saw it, had to have it. Haven't done anything with it yet.

Holder of napkins -they come in handy sometimes. :-)

Printer - of course.

 Yearly planner - I make notes in it so have to have it close by.

Misc. stacks of paper - story notes, critique group pages

Camera - for spur of the moment "cats doing something cute" pictures

Cell phone - always nearby.

What's on your desk?


Gay said...

Good thing you warned us you used your kitchen table - doesn't sound like some of those items belong in a writing area.
My desk is pretty conventional. A printer/scanner
the detached speakers for my ancient computer system
stack of music CDs since I enjoy listening to classical music when I write
an appreciation plaque that hasn't made it to the wall yet
stack of yellow notepads in different sizes
empty cup of coffee
regular glasses since I wear different eyeglasses when I work on the computer.

Jeanie said...

I just cleaned my desk a few days ago. That is an all day affair. phew. So here is what's on it now
1. The computer setup (printer, monitor, routers, keyboard)
2. Camera... for whatever strikes my fancy or for the dogs doing something adorable.
3. The ever-present drink du jour.
4. My collection of Bath and Body Works hand lotions. I have a lot, but it's my one really fru-fru thing and I love using them.
5. Flashlight. I don't like the dark. Also, if the puppy grabs something and takes it to her little cave under the desk I can see what it is and rescue it.
6. Lava Lamp. Yes, I know. I AM old enough to remember them and I just found the one I wanted at a yard sale so its here now perma.
7. Notepads of every size, shape, color, style. I love pads of paper and I love pens. I used to work in a stationary store and it was so hard to bring home a paycheck. LOL.
8. Pictures and knick knacks.
9. A dead plant. I had three of them, but got rid of two just recently. The last one is still here, I have no idea why. lol
10. The permanent butt marks on my chair from sitting here so long. lol.