Thursday, January 28, 2010

Troll News

Not long ago, we were challenged to write a holiday letter home but it had to be something other than the "usual" and no more than 250 words.  So, as a brief diversion, here's the troll's.

Dear Ma and Pa,

Things have been quiet since this past spring when we had that misunderstanding with the neighbors across the creek. You remember the three Gruff brothers don't you? The two younger brothers were polite as could be when I stepped out to warn them about those loose planks in the middle of the bridge but the older brother (the biggest anyway) was seriously rude. I saw him coming and ran to warn him but before I could say a thing he head-butted me into the creek. I had to float downstream a couple miles before finding a place to climb out. He mysteriously disappeared shortly after I returned but his brothers seem to be taking it well.

Funny thing happened on the way home though. I came across a family hiding in a cave. Seems some joker had told them trolls turned to stone if touched by the sun. I had to go in and out almost a dozen times to convince 'em it wasn't so. And while they've visited me several times they still haven't ventured outside in the daylight. I believe it won't be long now.

Gotta check the grill so will close now. Please send more recipes for goat. I fear there's going to be another tragedy in the Gruff family this spring.



V.R. Leavitt said...

Oh I like it!! Very clever. I like the twist that the troll was just warning them about some loose boards. History is written by the victors though, isn't it? ha ha.

Wolf Althuis said...

He he. Very nice Jean. I hear mint jelly goes great with goat meat. :-)

Jean said...

Thanks guys. Glad you enjoyed it.

Wolf Althuis said...

He he. Very nice Jean. I hear mint jelly goes great with goat meat. :-)