Thursday, April 15, 2010

Friday Free For All

Today I'm sharing things I think you might be interested in. Such as...

Here's a really nice post on setting up Business Cards for writers

Vista Print is a really reasonable place to get business cards.  They are always having some sort of sale and sometimes you can pick up some cool free stuff too.

Y'all might want to follow Editorrent also.  It's a very nice "editor" blog.

Here's a confession...I LOVE Donald Maass.  I've read his books and drool at the thought of being at one of his workshops.  (Now if one will ever come this way...sigh.)  So naturally I love THIS!

This Procrastinator's Flow Chart is kinda cute and mostly true.  

Here's an interesting post on writing and editing.

And lastly, How to Start a Novel.

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