Thursday, April 1, 2010

Relax and get inspired

Tonight I had to take son to piano lessons which means for an hour I need to find something to do.  So, after a quick trip to Walmart I headed to Sonic for a blue coconut slush and some quite reading time.   Reading material tonight was Woman's World. 

One article included helpful hints on getting out of a rut and getting inspired.    Several of them really applied to writers.  Such as...

*  Trying new experiences.  By stepping outside our comfort zone, we look at things differently.  And I bet some great ideas for stories would be gotten too.

*  Gardening.  Apparently gardening has been proven to relieve stress and increase intuition.    I think it has to do with the mind being focused on one task while the subconscious is working on another such as plotting that story.  I know quite a few writers who swear by washing dishes to get ideas flowing.  While I rather play in the dirt and be out in the air, I often plot or ponder characters while doing the dishes.

*  Take a fifteen minute nap.  When my kids were small, we called these power naps.  Give 'em about fifteen minutes of sleep and they woke up recharged and ready to go for hours and hours.  Naps may not be feasible for most of us but maybe a quiet break of just deep breathing would work.  I think I  may give it a try.

So, my question for all of you is...what do you do to get relaxed, get the ideas flowing and get inspired?  Long walks, hot baths, sudoko, taking a drive???  Share your favorite method with us!

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