Saturday, February 16, 2013

What Makes Home

Home... It's a special word...a special place. But what makes it special? My first thought would be family and those you love. Someone on another post said home can be anywhere. And that's been true for me. 

In the military, we traveled a lot. North and South Florida, Texas, Guam, Missouri then finally back to Texas. And while we called those places home, they never really became the place we thought of when we thought of home.

For me, home was always Texarkana, Arkansas. I was born there, mostly raised there, and most of my family was there. Whenever we had the chance, my better half would take leave and we'd go Texarkana. Even though he and I had never lived there together, and my family had moved from the places I'd grown was still home.

As I think about what makes home special, besides the people, I think of the memories. Holidays spent with parents and grandparents, summer trips to the local lake and even winter mornings listening to the radio hoping for the occasional snow day.

So, my question is... Do you have any special memories that make home really home?


Gay said...

Home for me used to be Connecticut even though the family place had been home for only four years...but that was where family was. Now that family has scattered across the states, I guess this farm I've lived on for over thirty years has to be home. But in my heart I still yearn for my Connecticut home.

Nay Nay said...

For me home is that place where I am loved, where I can be myself. It is somewhere comfortable, like warm and fuzzy slippers. It is where I feel safe, cared for and comforted. It used to be where ever my mother lived, but now that she is gone, it's my own home. I host all the holiday gatherings and love it.
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Anonymous said...

Home is that feeling of being perfectly at ease with certain people, whether they're relatives or friends!


nancy said...

One of the things I miss the most is reading the newspaper with my husband. The sharing and laughter, yep that's a good memory of home.

bn100 said...

family meals