Monday, February 18, 2013

Who Says You Can't Go Home

The last couple days, I've been pondering home and what makes it home. I think there are as many different answers as there are homes. :-)

Since my hubby and I were in the military, we were away from home for a long time and it was a special treat to go back and spend time with family. And while it was still home, it wasn't exactly like I remembered. Towns change, people come and go. Favorite places go out of business.

In Where The Heart Is, Samantha left home in the middle of the night and years later has to go back. But it's not the home she remembers.

Has that happened to you?

As we end this blog hop, I leave you with Bon Jovi and Who Says You Can't Go Home. It seems like the perfect bit of music to close with.

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