Friday, June 17, 2016

A Plain Wish by Cyndi Lord

Just before her sixteenth birthday, Kristi’s world implodes when her parents who are divorced, remarry others whom she cannot tolerate. Life for her will never be the same, and her only hope of escape is to leave both homes where she no longer feels included. Her Amish pen-pal, Betty, sends a letter and Kristi decides to run away from her father’s house in Batesville, Indiana. On her journey to Lancaster, Pennsylvania, she overcomes many challenges. What will happen when she arrives in a community where no cars, electricity, or worldly clothes are allowed? From a background with no religious instruction, will she fit in where God and separated living dominate the Amish? Will her plain wish for a new family become a reality?

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Cyndi has a second in the series too.

Kristi Becker ran away from Batesville, Indiana after her parents divorced. Once she made it to her Amish friend, Betty Miller’s house in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, she learned about family life grounded in God. She thought her grandmother lived somewhere in Lancaster, and her fondest hope to find her and regain the love she remembered neared. When she learned her grandmother had moved to Clarksville, Texas, Kristi decided to drive across the country with her friend, Betty, and friend’s brother, Jacob. While they journey in A Plain Adventure, they encounter fears, trials, challenges, and something else happens. Is Jacob, the Amish young man, falling in love with the Englischer, rebellious, Kristi? In Texas, conflicts begin in ways Kristi never anticipated. In the end, love prevails, but what will the future bring?

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These are nice, kid friendly, fun reads.

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