Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Unknown Magic by Evelyn M. Byrne

Discovering she is a Tuatha Dé Danann and that, on her twenty-fifth birthday, she will be able to wield magical powers she never knew she possessed, turns Megan’s life upside down. As if that was not enough, an arrogant, drop-dead gorgeous man tells her she is his mate.

Seamus escaped his mysterious captors seventeen years earlier, taking a little girl with him and returning her to her home. Running for his life since then and needing a respite, he returns to the one location he considers his safe haven. Once there, he spots Megan across the lake and realizes she is the same young child he rescued. Only now, she is stunning enough to make him forget, almost, just how treacherous his life is.

Megan soon realizes fighting her attraction for Seamus, is a losing battle.  But when the people hunting Seamus track them down, Megan and Seamus are faced with a much more immediate and deadly threat—a battle for the lives of all the Tuatha Dé Danann. Can they overcome their pursuers and win?

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This is a great paranormal romance series. Love the characters and story.  Here's two more of the series.

During the rescue mission to save his niece Megan, Patrick discovers and brings to safety a petite black wolf. Despite his growing attachment to the wolf, Patrick soon realizes something is very off.

Drugged and tortured, for over a year, Brenna lacks the power to transform back into human form.
She must now face the fact that she killed her own family. When she figures out Patrick is her mate, she knows she will likely to do the same to him. Unable to run or transform she tries to fight the inevitable.

When Megan examines Brenna, she discovers that Mallaidh is now using the black arts and has imbedded a malevolent presence in Brenna’s brain. Megan and Seamus rush to discover a way to break the spell and save Patrick from sure death. In the process, Mallaidh turns her evil magic toward them. Have Megan’s powers grown strong enough to thwart Mallaidh or are they all doomed?

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After realizing he has been drugged, Colin O'Kelly transports from his enemy, only does not make it home. Instead, he falls into Kate Sweeny's backyard. When he awakens, he has none of his powers, but worse he does not even know who he is.

Kate has been hiding for twenty-five years and now she has a stranger drop into her protected haven. Can she overcome the fear she carries for her own people, the Tuatha Dé Danannor will she run once she finds out who Colin really is. 

Frantic to find Colin before Mallaidh, Seamus and Megan try to trace him from his last known appointment. Unfortunately, Mallaidh tires of looking and decides she will either flush him out or drown him by sending two hurricanes on a collision course for the Florida Keys. Can Megan and Seamus stop them before they hit or will they not only wipe out Colin and Kate, but most of Florida as well?

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