Thursday, June 30, 2016

Trailer Trash & Oil Field Brat by Andi Stracener

Trailer Trash and Oil Field Brat is about how I grew up in the turbulent years following World War Two. Jobs were scarce and the job market was flooded with young men returning from the war. My father chose to work in the oil fields even though it meant leaving home and living in trailers or the occasional apartment.

I have tried to be as factual as possible in the telling of my life. It was easy to bring out the funny and interesting things that just naturally happens to boys as they grow up. Before the book was started I had my doubts if I could think of enough things to write about. As it progressed, at one point I told my wife that people wouldn’t believe all the things that did take place.

Trailers are interwoven throughout the book. There is literally no way to estimate how many miles my wife and I have traveled in RVs of some kind since we were married. The Alaska trip alone covered over 13,000 miles. We don’t regret a single penny that we spent in this endeavor. It is like the book says; once trailer trash, always trailer trash.

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 Love'd this. Very interesting and cool to see how life was back then.

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