Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Writing Conferences

I just spent the most wonderful weekend with a bunch of great people - writers - at the annual NETWO (North East Texas Writers Organization) spring conference. There was a Friday afternoon workshop then time to get to know each other.  Several of us sat up chatting after everyone else called it a night which was very nice.

Saturday was filled with sessions by an agent, an editor, a PR guy (excellent info) and several authors.  I had a nice but very quick meeting with an editor from Berkley and met some really nice writers.  And while I wasn't ready to come home, I'm even more excited about my WIP.

So, the point of this you ask?

You need to go to a writer's conference.  Yes, you do and here's several reasons why.

Meeting other writers - I'm made quite a few friends from conferences.
Meeting agents, editors and other industry professions in a relaxing setting - they really aren't scary. :-)
Learning about craft or  the business aspect of writing - this year's PR session was GREAT!!!
Networking - getting to know others in the business is always a good thing.
Pitching to agent or editor - this often gets you a request for more and is a step in the door.

And, most importantly...

Recharging your creative self - sometimes life isn't nice and stomps on our creativity.  Writer's conferences are a great way to recharge.

It's not to late to find a nearby conference for this year so check out Shaw Guides.  They don't list them all but it's a nice place to start.  You can search by state, month, season and several other things.

Also, do the Google thing.  Your state and writer's conferences should get you some hits.

I encourage each of you to commit to attending at least one conference this year.  You won't regret it.


Claryce said...

Hey Jean,

It's Claryce (Cathy) from LRWG Forum. Thanks for this post...I needed the kick in the pants!

Take Care,


Megalicious said...

I'm going to the Pennwriters conference in PA in a few weeks, I can't wait! :)

Sandra said...

There are a couple in my state. I just don't have the funds right now to do anything. I'll check again next year if our finances have improved - or I sell enough stories to help with the cost.


Jean said...

Claryce...consider yourself kicked. :-) I know you'll have a great time when you go. sure to let us know how it goes. Email me if you'd like to do a guest post/report. I'm sure we'd love to hear about it.

Sandra...plan now for next year. I've been planning and saving for New Orleans since Feb. of last year.

And speaking of New Orleans, that's next month. I'm so excited. And, just yesterday I signed up for Fencon and their writer workshop this Sept.