Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Ten Places I'd Like To Go...

It's "Ten Things" Tuesday so join in by leaving a link to your list of ten things.

Here's ten of the places I'd like to go, in no special order...

The Grand Canyon - I'd love to do the mule ride to the bottom thing.

Yellowstone - Would love to see the geysers, hike in the park, see the wildlife.

Alaska -  Maybe watch the Iditarod, see the Northern Lights. I'd like to learn how to drive a dog sled, too.

The Islands - Bermuda, Bahama, Key Largo, Montego...

Africa - A camera safari would be so awesome.

New York City - Just once, to say I've been there. :-)

Spain - Especially Valencia. I've wanted to go here ever since I watched the movie El Cid.

Transylvania - Is any explanation needed?

Israel - Would love to go here but it's just not safe now. Sigh...

Hogwarts - I know it's fictional but it would be so cool if Hogwarts did exist.

What about you?


Gay said...

There are several places on your list I could check off as already done. Would like to go back to the Grand Canyon as the 30 minutes at sundown was spectacular but not near long enough.
Have seen the Northern Lights since I grew up in Yankee land and driven through New York a few times.
So...what's on my Top Ten list? No. 1 is to land in an ocean-side cottage on the upper East Coast.
Wouldn't mind spending more time in France - our quick one-week drive across the country just gave me a glimpse of someplace where I'd like to spend more time.
I'd go back to Oregon anytime - even though my son is no longer there to visit. Can't beat living an hour either direction to the ocean or the mountains.
I think I'd like to spend some time in Italy - there's so much antiquity to visit.
Alaska calls to me...but it would have to be other than the winter months.
I'm always ready for a visit to San Antonio. H-m-m-m, maybe my niece is ready for a visit.
Enjoyed the couple days I spent in San Diego - think I'd like to go back.
The couple days spent in the Cotswold area of England were interesting.
But it's the siren call of Hawaii that I sure wish I could answer. I know it's got to be different from when I lived there back when.

Jean said...

There are a lot of places in the U.S. I'd like to visit. I've been to New Orleans a couple years ago and would love to go back.

Victoria M. Johnson said...

Hi Jean--
Guess what? You can visit Hogwarts. Take a trip to Universal Studios in Florida.