Saturday, January 8, 2011

Saturday Update...

It's time to let us know how you did on your goals and what you got accomplished this week.  Remember, even a small step forward is a good thing so blow your own horn.  :-)

I managed to get my column written, the second one roughed out in my head, and will finish up the writing group newsletter today.   I even managed to start working on revising a WIP.


Sandra said...

I've been doing pretty well with the working out with my Wii. The fencing is fun!

I picked out a title for my Demand Studios aritcle.

Didn't get any writing done on my stories :-(

I did survive the week. :-)

Jean said...

Surviving the week is definitely a good thing. :-)

We have a Wii but son bought the Knects for his Xbox cause he has to have the latest Xbox stuff. It had a demo of their "shape up" game that has yoga, cardio boxing and a couple other fitness games. After playing with it, kids decided they had to have the full game. Oldest daughter is really slimming down after only a couple weeks.

Keep at it...and do the writing next week. :-)

Andrea said...

I wrote two articles, one each for two of my freelance jobs. I also wrote a few more pages of my latest YA fantasy, and got in touch with more blogs to promote "The Chosen," my first book.

I haven't used my Wii yet this week :( But I have been eating healthier :)