Saturday, January 15, 2011

Saturday Update

Time to see how you did this week with your goals.  Me, not so good.   I've been fighting a losing battle with a sinus/respiratory infection and it finally got to the point of seeing a doc.  I did that on Thursday and feel much better today.  Thankfully! :-)

So, how'd y'all do?


John Hines Jr said...

Well, I didn't intend to have any goals this week, but found myself starting a new novel on Saturday. Here it is a week later, and I've written slightly under 20K words. I like it, I think. It's a mildly dystopian story based on a disease which causes cannibalism. I had no idea until I started. It just came out this way, I promise.

Sandra said...

The Demand Studios article was in on time, was returned for rewriting and was sent back for approval today (Monday 17th)

The fanfiction story didn't get written :-(

Am having trouble getting my bank to send Long Ridge the fee for novel class. Also, haven't had any breakthroughs with working on the basics for my novel idea.

So, only one out of three goals accomplished this week.

Glad you're feeling better, Jean!


Jean said...

Cool on the new novel John. May you continue to progress so well. Sounds really interesting. Cannibals...:-)

Sandra...every little accomplishment counts. Just add them to the list for next week.