Monday, January 24, 2011

Monday Goals

Hey all...
I find it hard to believe we are more than half way through January. And while I've gotten things done, I'd still like to get more accomplished. So, I'm going to have to step up my goals a bit.
This week I hope to get internet at home which will help a lot. I need to get column written for Long Ridge newsletter along with some writing of my own. Plus, I've joined a live, in person critque group which I'll meet with for the first time Wednesday night. I didn't have pages ready in time for this week's meeting so I'll have to get some ready for next time.

What about you? Getting things done? Need to focus more?

Oh, be sure to update us on last week's progress.


Andrea said...

I didn't realize that I, too, was behind in one of my writing jobs, so I need to write more articles for it, and then keep it going. I want to do more for another one, too. I also need to get back to my book...I've taken too much time away from it again.

So, I guess I'm with you, Jean. Need to focus more to get more done.


Cheryl said...

Good luck with that critique group. I wish I had one around here.

I'm getting things done, but I need more focus. I got handed a bunch of book tours, which means less writing time. I started going over Amelia's Mission today because I've been away for a couple of months and need to refresh my brain. I'm also very close to being done with a shorter manuscript that I need to send off to the publisher who requested it.


Anne E. Johnson said...

I was doing great in January until my spring teaching semester started and then the SCBWI conference rolled around. Now I haven't written in days. Doing pretty well with the marketing, though. Even had a story accepted yesterday! Yay! (Balanced by seven rejections in January. Boo.)

I like your blog. Found out about it in Long Ridge Writers e-news. If you'd like, check out mine at . Love to see you there. -Anne