Sunday, January 16, 2011

Today is Dragon Appreciation Day.  Personally I think dragons need a month of their own to be properly appreciated (or at least a week).  I mean, could there be a more awesome critter?

So, what's your favorite dragon book, movie or story?

Me, I love the movie Dragonheart with Sean Connery as the dragon.  I don't like the movie Reign of Fire though. 

And I really like Smaug and while I really didn't care for the whole Eragon book thing, I do like Saphira.

Lastly, check out Design Toscano for some really cool dragon items.


Sandra said...

Smaug was a very cool dragon.

I like the dragon I have in one of my "Lord of the Rings" fanfiction stories. His name is Yew. If anyone is interested, the story is here:

I also really like the dragon in "How to Train Your Dragon"

Jean said...

I haven't seen How to Train Your Dragon yet. Need to for sure.

I've got several dragons of my own...I like telling their stories.