Tuesday, April 19, 2011

P is for Plot Bunnies!

I know those of you who are writers have heard of plot bunnies.  The mysterious, seldom seen, visitors who leave ideas around for us to play with.  Believe it or not, I've seen one.

It was one of those dark and stormy, really, it was.  We were on our way to church when this little bunny ran across the road in front of me, hopped  along side the car for a bit then ducked between some bushes and disappeared into the darkness.  I realized no sensible rabbit would be out in that kind of weather so he must have had somewhere important to be.  That's when it hit me...he was a plot bunny making a delivery to a writer in need.  The kids were with me and were talking about the bunny so I told them he was a plot bunny making a delivery.  They accepted the explanation and we wished the bunny a safe journey and went on about our business.

Not long after, we were in Books a Million one afternoon and my youngest (about 8 or so) found me, all excited, held out a stuffed bunny and said, "Look Mom, a plot bunny!"  See pix below.  His name is Harold, and he specializes in mystery and darker plots.  He's kinda quiet, but when he leaves an idea, it's a good one.

Not long after, Grace (center) and Ginger (end right) joined our little plot bunny family.

They hang out on my printer for the most part.  Sometimes they'll settle on my bookcase behind me but they are always close by when I'm writing.  Never can tell when I'll need a fresh idea. 

What about you, got a muse or plot bunny you'd like to tell us about?

And yes....


Name: Luana Krause said...

So cute! Next time I see a bunny in hurry, I'll know he's a plot bunny with a mission. LOL. I don't have a personal plot bunny in my writing nook, but I have couple of Beanie Baby birds on my piano. Mozart is a Cockatoo and Vivaldi is a Penguin. They listen to me when I play, hold down my pages and inspire me.

J.M.Cornwell said...

Your plot bunnies are adorable. I don't have bunnies; I have a muse, and sometimes a shy and recalcitrant muse, and often, like now, a rude and obnoxious muse who gives me ideas and then hammers away at me until I get down to the business of writing, often invading my dreams to remind me that I have things to do.

She is also helpful in the midst of working on something when she reminds me I have ideas and projects lined up and I really should not be watching the latest episode of Castle on the computer.

Jeffrey Beesler said...

My plot bunnies hide from me until they're ready to bite, and by then my defenses are usually down because they strike most often while I snooze.

Excellent P entry!