Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Q is for Query

That's right, query. I could have gone with another "Q" word but this is a writer's blog so...

The thing about queries, we stress over them way too much.  Yes, they are darn important but when we put so much pressure on ourselves to get 'em perfect, we, or at least I, tend to lock gears and totally mess things up.

Writing a query can be learned.  It just takes practice.  And then some more practice. 

Here's a couple great places to learn to write a query. 

QueryShark - Agent Janet Reid takes bites out of queries, tells what's wrong and what's right with 'em.  Reading the archives is a lesson in query writing you won't regret.

Agent Query Connect - a networking community where you can get input on your query from other writers. You'll also find forums on most aspects of the publishing business.    When you get finished here, click on over to Agent Query for more info on agents and submitting to them. 

Got any other favorite query sites?  Share in the comments please!

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