Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Ten People I'd Like to Meet...

Ten People I'd Like to Meet...(living and/or dead)...

Karl Friedrich Louis Dobermann - He's the guy who developed the Dobermann Pincher.

Edgar Allen Poe - I really like the way he tells a scary story.

John Newton - He was once a slave trader and slave himself. Wrote the hymn Amazing Grace.

Fanny J. Crosby - She wrote a lot of hymns I enjoy singing too.

Eleanor Roosevelt - A wise woman.

Amelia Earhart - I like her spirit of adventure.

Chuck Norris - I'm not sure why, just I'd like to meet him.

Barbara Bush - I always admired her common sense. Would love to sit and chat with her and Eleanor together.

John Wayne - Again, not sure but I'd like to meet him.

Herman Melville - I've tried many times to read Moby Dick and just can't.  I want to ask him just what he was thinking when he wrote that. :-)

What about you?  Who would you like to meet?  Share in the comments or share on your blog and leave a link for us in the comments.


Gay said...

Interesting question. My list? Madelaine L'Engle, Pearl Buck, Elizabeth Goudge - all three writers whose work I greatly admire.
After that, my mind draws a blank.

Jean said...

It was hard coming up with ten. Now, fictional people...that would be easy. Maybe that will be the question next week. :-)