Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Ten Things Tuesday Randomness

I've been writing like crazy so don't have a proper Ten Things for you today. All you get is ten random things. 

First...  It appears my writing is fueled by chocolate. The last several days it's been Tootsie Roll midges.  And just who decided to call them midges?  I mean, really. Is that short for midgets? And not to be politically incorrect or rude but when did dwarves decide to call themselves "little people?" Did they not want to be associated with dwarves such as Gimli? Sorry...just a bit of randomness that came out. If I'd held it in, I might have exploded.

Next...Dance Moms and Toddlers & Tiaras.  What a mess. It's like a train wreck. You want to look away but can't. I'm so thankful my mom didn't do that to me.

And speaking of Television - I love The Closer. I hate that this summer will be the last season.  Better to end on a good note though than let the show go downhill to the point no one cares. I really appreciate the fact they let Brenda and Fritz get together.  Sure they have their issues at times, but most shows get rid of love interests.  For example...NCIS.  It was nice to see Tony happy but they had to go and kill that story line.

It's a fireplace screen. I was looking for something stained glass not long ago and found this. I think it'd make a great window. My better half used to play with stained glass. Maybe one day I'll get him started again and have him make something like this for me.

We like penguins at our house. I'm not sure why but it's my oldest daughter's fault.  Years ago we were on base (Barksdale AFB) in the BX after Christmas and all the leftover stuff was on sale. She bought two stuffed penguins.  One was about 2 feet tall, the other about half that size.  She decided they were mom and baby. Naturally they were named Mama P and Baby P. They went everywhere with us for a while. One time, I was talking to my Mom, planning a trip to her house and mentioned I'd have to bring the penguins. She wanted to know where we kept them, inside or out and did they make good pets. It's been about ten years now and we still have the penguins. They live on daughter's bed most of the time.

There are a LOT of Crepe Myrtles in bloom now. And they are really pretty. I really like the white ones but the red are nice too.  I've decided I want to get a red one and a white one, plant them in same pot then weave the branches together (over time) so that when it gets older and blooms, it'll be red and white mixed all together. I think that'd be very cool.

Like I said, I've been writing a lot lately.  For a couple days, I just basically stared at the screen and wrestled shoulder vultures but they've gone and now the words are flowing. Yesterday, I found myself choosing music to write by and deciding based on what  my character would like to listen to.  Anyone else ever forget they.... shhhhhhh......aren't real?

Was up late last night and early this morning. Today is trash day which is son and hubby's job. Most of the time anyway. Hubby came in kitchen and asked me where the trashbags were. I promptly got up and looked in the fridge for them. Naturally they weren't there. I'm not sure which is sadder...that he doesn't know where they are kept, or that I do know and still looked in the fridge.

I like having breakfast for dinner. We do this ever so often, especially on Wednesday nights after church.

 Did you know if you don't have a Kindle you can download the app to your computer or smart phone, right? My daughter told me last night she has 267 books on her Kindle Fire. I don't have a Kindle but I have the app on my computer. I do plan to get a Kindle soon. I love having so many books available. I mean, there is no way she could have that many books in her room and still live in there.

Which leads me to something not so random.  Today is the last day to get I Wish...for your Kindle or PC free. I'd really appreciate if you'd download, read then write a review for it. Here's the links.

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