Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Ten Careers I'd Like to Try...

Ten Careers I'd Like to Try...

Astronaut - I think outer space is so cool.  If I'd known then, what I know now, I'd definitely have given this a try.

Police Officer - This is one I'll try sooner or later.  My town has a civilian police academy and does ride-alongs. I'll be getting more info on this soon.

Rodeo Cowgirl - I love rodeos. The sounds, smells, (most smells, anyway) the whole atmosphere.  Not to mention cowboys. I gave barrel racing a try once. I loved it.  Horse, not so much. Then we got transferred to Guam and that took care of horsey stuff for a while.

Pilot - My dad had a small plane and I love flying.  I'd love to get my pilot's license and have my own plane to travel in. I don't think I'd want to do this for a job though.

 Veterinarian - This was one of my choices when I was younger.  Life happened and this didn't but I'm not sure I could deal with some of the things a vet has to handle.

Diver - I love swimming. When we were on Guam, we went snorkling often. Never got around to trying Scuba but maybe one of these days.

NASCAR Driver - I could so do this! I feel the need, the need for speed, often. I tease hubby that in a previous life I was a race car driver. He just gives me "that" look.  Sigh...

Wildlife Rehab - Working with wildlife would be interesting. Taking an animal that was sick or injured, caring for it and eventually either returning it back to the wild would be rewarding I think.

I'm stuck for 9 and 10.  Maybe y'all can offer some suggestions.  Add your Ten Things to the comments.


Gay said...

Imagining myself in a different lifestyle has never occupied my thoughts. Perhaps because, over the years, my life has taken so many divergent paths, I stay continually surprised.
I have to admit, whenever a desire and an opportunity present themselves simultaneously, I've never hesitated to plunge forward.
I've been a swimming instructor, a literacy teacher, a caregiver, a gardener, a small-livestock raiser, and presently a writer. All of which never entered my childhood dreams or expectations.
Life just hands you surprises and all you can do is step out in faith.

Diane Krause said...

One of my dreams was to be a stunt car driver. As alternative, I live in Houston. :)

My ultimate dream would be to be a philanthropist; someone with scads of money so I could give it to people and places doing awesome things.