Monday, June 4, 2012

Where The Heart Is

Eight years ago Samantha James left the small town she called home to get control of her life. Returning for her sister's funeral and to the people she'd left behind especially Marcus, terrified her. Will she hold on to her control now that circumstances threaten to change everything?

Marcus Keller never lost his love for Samantha. Now she's  home. Can he win her back and just what is he going to do about the mayor's granddaughter?

I'm really excited to announce the arrival of my contemporary romance serial, Where The Heart Is. Episode One will be available tomorrow.  I'll post a link soon as I have it. 

And lest we forget, tomorrow is also Ten Things Tuesday.  Here's your Ten Things prompt. Post your Ten Things on your blog, leave a link in the comment section or just share your Ten Things in the comments for the rest of us.

Ten people (living or dead) I'd like to meet are...

 UPDATE! It's live and ready to go to your Kindle. Here's the link. Where the Heart is

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