Thursday, June 7, 2012

Let's talk dogs...

I'm a dog person.  No, really I am. I'm just surrounded by cats. And I do like 'em for the most part but there is nothing like a dog that loves you.

IMG_20120404_134206.jpgThis is Doofus.  He once had a real name but I don't remember it now. And I don't remember who started calling him Doofus but gee, he's such a doofus so it stuck and became his name.  He's just a big, loveable Doofus. 

Have you ever noticed how any authors have their pictures made with their dogs?  And how often those pictures are Golden Retrievers? Not to mention how often Goldens turn up in stories.  Dean Koontz is one I think of immediately.

Now this is Yuri.  IMG_20120607_084729.jpg I forget exactly what his registered name was but he was something else. We lost him to Cardio years ago and I've not had a Dobermann since him but my next dog will be another Dobermann. And yes, the second "n" is proper.  It got dropped when the breed was Americanized.

I've always loved Dobermanns. Or at least as long as I can remember. Anyone remember the 1973 movie Trapped?  James Brolin stars as a guy who gets mugged and left in a huge department store after it has closed.  Thing is, he isn't alone.  There's a pack of Dobermann guard dogs serious about their job. 

I think my favorite Dobermann movie has to be The Doberman Gang.  In this one, some genius gets the idea to train a pack of Dobermanns to rob a bank. Naturally, they name the dogs after famous gangsters.  Baby Face Nelson, Dillinger, Ma Barker, Pretty Boy Floyd, Bonnie and Clyde.  Love this movie!

Like I said, my next dog will be another Dobermann. :-)

What about you? Dog or cat person? What's your favorite breed?

And, do you like author pictures taken with their dogs? Just curious since I need to get one done soon. :-)


Gay said...

Definitely not a dog person. Last one I had was so protective of me, he nipped my sister's jeans when she tried to get close enough to hug.
We have one old cranky cat that used to be mine but has attached herself to my husband like he is her only reason for living.

littlemisssarah said...

dog person... i really don't know why though....we've always had both dogs and cats and I grew up with a huge St. Bernard dog. we currently don't even have a dog but tend to feed our neighbors dog when she comes to visit...
yes, I actually like author pictures with long as they don't seem too 'posed'...which isn't possible with a dog anyway