Monday, January 3, 2011

Monday Goals

Weekly goals is one way to make sure we get things accomplished.  Not only does sharing our goals in such an open forum help us to achieve them, it helps us see how much we get accomplished over time.  Plus, having someone else to be accountable to is a great motivator. 

So, share your goals for this week in the comment section and we'll be glad to prod or cheer you along.


Jean said...

I'm at Books A Million using their wifi so figured I'd post my goals this week to get us started.

First, another article for the Long Ridge newsletter and I'm hoping for two. At least get a second one sketched out.

Next, the newsletter for my local writing group has to go out by this Friday so that has to be done.

And I really, really, really want to get back to working on a novel. I'm not sure is I'll continue revising the fantasy or mystery or possibly take turns with them. :-)

What about you?

Sandra said...

I'm absolutely horrible at setting goals. To the point where I cringe just hearing the word.

That said:
this week I want to

1)start working out with my Wii Fit Plus that I got for Christmas and use the extra game I bought for it that has fencing on it as well. I've really missed fencing

2)pick out a title for my next (2nd) Demand Studios article

3)start writing Victorian short story or Midwest ghost short story

4)survive the week ;-)

Jean said...

Surviving the week is a good one.:-) I'm sure you'll do great with the others too.

And that exercise/diet thing is why I'm at Books a Million instead of closer to home at Wendy's or food temptations here. :-)

Sheila said...

I love to set goals. My main goal this week is to set a goal and then write how I'm going to accomplish it. What I mean by that is to set some time aside each day to work on the goal in some way. I finished the Long Ridge course and am working on the ICL course so my goal is to get assingment 8 done and off by the end of this month. My long term goal is to get something published this year.