Wednesday, April 4, 2012

D is for... Doofus

Since the cats a day of their own, Doofus said he wanted one too.  So, this is Doofus.  He's a Golden Retriever that we raised from a litter.  He had a proper name at one time but no one can remember what it was.
 As you can see, he's a big, lovable doofus.  Which is one of the reasons he got his name.  He doesn't chase cats or squirrels though he does howl along with sirens at all hours. Playing ball is one of his favorite activities, laying in his "pool" is another.

Tell us about your favorite dog!

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Jean said...

I have a Baby, who is a cockapoo and about 7 years old now and a Rosie, who is a muggin (carlton's pinscher) who is about a year and a half now. A muggin is a first gen cross between a pug and a min. pin.

They both are wonderful company and always make me laugh, although the puppy is having training issues. We found out AFTER the fact that this was not unusual for pugs. oi! But even when she is being awful, she has a face that makes it impossible to stay mad at her. LOL.