Saturday, April 21, 2012

S is for...Survival Bracelets

As I mentioned the other day, I'll be going to Peru in January.  It's quite an expensive trip plus I'll be needing to get other stuff done such as a passport, malaria meds and jungle gear since we'll be going up the Amazon River into the jungle for over a week.

One of the things I'm doing to raise the needed funds, is to make and sell Parachute Cord Survival Bracelets. They are called Survival Bracelets because if needed, you can unravel these and have yards and yards of seriously tough cord. Lots of hikers, outdoorsy folks wear them. I've even seen stories from people who have actually unraveled them and gotten out of emergency situations with them. 

I love these and wear one most of the time.  I have an assortment of colors so I can coordinate with whatever I'm wearing or the mood I'm in.

 Here's some pictures... 
The top one is a desert camo...different shades of brown.  Next is a camo green.  Third is a red, white and blue with a kinda silver edging.

Next is a purple and white with the same silver edging.  I like purple. :-)

The darker one is black edging over a mixed green It's green with different shades of green and a bit of silver.  I love this one.

And lastly, a rainbow colored one.  This one goes with just about everything and would be good for kids.

Top one here is yellows and oranges.

Here's that green again with a silver edge.

A better view of the desert camo and a couple of the others.  There were too many to make one picture.

I've also done a couple as dog collars.  This is that orange/yellow and one in the purple.  The rings are gold or silver.  I really like these cause they are tough enough for most dogs.

These are a smaller braid.  Kinda a beaded X pattern.  The orange/black one is actually what my daughter uses for her cat's collar.

These are a bit more feminine I guess.

 These are some of the colors I have available but I can get others if you want something special.

I made a bracelet from Mom out of the Pink blend with a silver edge.  She's a cancer survivor so I thought it appropriate. I'd have posted a pix of it but don't have one.  Sigh...

The color under the red/blue/silver is black/gray blend that is very nice.

Bracelets are $ 10.00 but that includes shipping.

If you'd like a slip collar for your dog, let me know the length and I'll quote you a price.  I can also do matching leashes.

Color desired
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Sharkbytes said...

Nice items. I’m trying to visit all the A-Z Challenge Blogs this month. My alphabet is at

Beaded Bracelets said...

These are some wonderfull designs.Its really a very good idea of unravel the bracelets and can use then in emergency situations.

Sheenah Freitas said...

With all the hiking that I do, I'm surprised that I've never heard of these. I've seen them before, but never knew why other people wore them. Love your designs!