Monday, April 30, 2012

X, Y and Z

Due to a nasty case of flu or some other horrid virus I've missed blogging the last couple days.  So, today I'm doing a three-fer.

X, Y and Z sorta go together, don't you think? Like hot cocoa, fuzzy slippers and cold mornings.

Or, hot summer days, cold lemonade and homemade ice cream.  Perfect!

Here's some other famous, or not so famous threesomes. 

The Three Stooges - Moe, Larry and Curly  Did you know Shemp was an original stooge?

Charlie's Angels - Remember when just about all the girls had hair like Farrah?

Pep Boys - Manny, Moe and Jack - I used to tease hubby if we had three boys, that was what I was naming them. He wasn't amused. :-)

Three's Company - Janet, Chrissy and Jack

What's your favorite threesome?

1 comment:

Jeanie said...

erm... Me, my sweetie and Antonio Banderas?

Boy was that a loaded question. giggles.